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Systemic Intervention Program

Systemic Intervention Program (SIP) is an intervention for mainstream schools to cater to the differential needs of the children.


Our program is specifically designed for affordable private schools with a deep focus on students’ learning outcomes, building the capacity of in-service teachers and empowering School Leaders, and stronger implementation of the same on the ground.

School Leader




Teachers are supported with a capacity building program which enables them to cater to all children in the classroom and progressively identify the learning styles and needs of the children.

Objectives -

  • Teachers receive support in the form of weekly observations.

  • Feedback aligned with the goals of the class.

  • Fortnightly or monthly learning circles.

  • Conversations around the individual needs of the children.


Currently, we provide schools with NCERT based English and Math content interventions.

​Our English framework comprises of progressive English literacy unit plans which helps the student to master basic reading milestones.

The Math framework allows students with different learning styles to engage with the content. 

Objective -

  • Design the classroom for the learner.

  • Peer learning model.

  • Remedial and intervention support.

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