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Intern Stories

Harsh Sharma

Harsh has been a Teach for India fellow and right before his fellowship in 2019, he interned with us for a 4 month period helping us in school operations and different organization functions.

Tejas Nair

Tejas, a student of Flames University interned with us for a period of 8 weeks in 2019 to help us document and amplify teacher's experience during our In-service training of Back to school.

Manisha Gupta

Manisha, our operations team member has been one of the most creative members on the team. Her artistic creativity in her day-to-day work sets a tone of vibrancy on the


Volunteer Story

Kaustabh Vaid, an MBA student at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Sciences. My experience till now with Samait Shala has been very adventurous. I have only traded into territories I never knew existed! I have learned about our education system, how our curriculums are prepared, why all schools are unable to implement them with utmost efficiency, and what goes on the ground levels.
Samait Shala being a budding start-up gave me tremendous growth opportunities and responsibilities, for which I am really grateful to Kushal for being the perfect guide and a mentor. I can sum up my learning in Samait Shala under three things:

Time management
Diverse exposure into Education field; Content Designing, Fund-Raising, Team-management/
Children Behaviour - How a child thinks at a certain age group? How much can he understand/grasp? What kind of education attracts and repels them? These are just a few of the many questions that have been answered to me through my contribution in Svavriti project.

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