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Inclusion - Public Schools

Samagra Shiksha operates the scheme of Inclusive Education for Disabled (IED) under which they have a cluster level Disability Resource Room where they provide therapeutic and educational interventions for children with Disabilities.

As per National Education Policy para 6.11..

Schools and school complexes will work and be supported for providing all children with disabilities accommodations and support mechanisms tailored to suit their needs and to ensure their full participation and inclusion in the classroom. In particular, assistive devices and appropriate technology-based tools, as well as adequate and language-appropriate teaching-learning materials (e.g., textbooks in accessible formats such as large print and Braille) will be made available to help children with disabilities integrate more easily into classrooms and engage with teachers and their peers.

In the Resource Room, Samait Shala works:

For Strengthening of existing resources (human, materials and technology) with the help of Disability Resource Teachers

To provide functional readiness for children with disabilities facilitating effective mainstreaming of the children

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