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1. Design the classroom for the learner

At Samait Shala we focus on the classroom design aspect which includes the seating arrangements of the children, group distribution, and the prints and flash cards on the wall. For children who struggle to remember verbal information, clear visual clues in proper format and size help them to remember the information as well as revisit at their own pace.

2. Peer learning

Children are much more comfortable to open up and discuss their struggles with their peers. We leverage that behavior for their learning. Our plans and training are designed around these models so that students get comfortable with each other. This whole builds sensitivity among the children for each other's needs.

3. Individualized and small group remedial program

In our unit plans we have pre-scheduled remedial sessions during which students work on reinforcing basic skills and strengthening their existing knowledge. During this time, students are also able to put extra effort into their areas of interest.

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