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Parents receive intervention tools which are translated in their mother tongue which they can use to support the child at home in their learning.

Objectives -

Engagement sessions in classrooms.
Parent program for homes.
Enable them to understand the need of their children.

How the parents will benefit?


Parent Program for Home

Learning materials are created in bilingual languages to support the child at home. Parents are taken through 8 to 12 week fortnight program with their children engaging and practicing basic literacy and numeracy skills so as to be able to support the child at home.


Engagement session in classroom

Parents are invited in the classroom to be part of the child's learning space. They are able to see the different opportunity provided to the child for being included in the classroom and also witness their areas of improvement.


Parent enabler

The parent program and the engagement session enables the parent to be more aware about the child's need and understand different developmental and academic milestones a child goes through.

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