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Svavriti Learning Kits

Svavriti means self-reliance and that is exactly what this project aims to develop in our students. Given the lack of opportunities and exposure, our students have, taking ownership of their learning is extremely crucial for them.


Every child is born different and has different abilities. However, most of the learning that happens in mainstream classrooms is skewed towards linguistic learners. This excludes the students who may take a little more time to grasp and understand new concepts. These students more often than not are termed "slow learners" at best and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


We at Svavriti want to break this cycle by providing all students with opportunities to re-engage with learning outcomes in a more visual and engaging method every week. 

What do we do?

Svavriti designs whole class reinforcement learning material, aligned to the NCERT learning outcomes for the respective grade.

The learning kits are designed to be:

- self-explanatory with children friendly instructions

- cater to multiple intelligence such as linguistic, visual and kinesthetic 

- promote peer learning among students

How do we plan?

Svavriti strives to make learning kits for Grade 2 to 5.

The learning kits are placed in the mainstream classroom. The students use these kits once a week in pairs or in small groups.

We provide the school with a 24 -week plan of how to use the kits in the classroom.

Monthly support is provided to teachers to brainstorm and address their queries on effective utilization of the learning kits. 

Please contact us to know how we can help in establishing a peer learning structure in your school/center.

Math Resource Center

Samait Shala has initiated the Math Resource Center in its partner schools. The purpose of the center is to give time to every child to experience Math at their own pace along with their peers and make Math fun. We see initial traces of strong formation, understanding and patience building in the children. We are extremely thankful to Jodo Gyan team for sharing their excellent knowledge, resources and ideas to help us build local materials for the children. Math workshops are aligned with NCERT learning outcomes.

What do we do ?

We organize Math workshops once a week at our partner schools. We use locally sourced materials which are made with the help of teachers and volunteers. In our workshops we use materials like; dice, ganitmala  and number line.

How do we plan ?

We plan Math Resource Center for Grade 1 and Grade 2.

We organize the  workshop in the classroom, in which we provide materials to the students who use these materials in pairs or in small groups to understand math conceptually by which children get hands on experience of the materials in all the activities. 


Please contact us to know how we can help in establishing a math center in your school/center. 

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