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Newsletter - September'18


Teacher Story

Shabina Baji teaches English in grade 5 in Shama School. The approach towards teaching English had transitioned from individual classes to rigorous, engaged classes. 


She researches well in various Speaking and listening activities and introduces group work for Reading and Writing.

She has witnessed growth happening for no her students and is willing to continue her research and planning in order to get kids to not just be comfortable with English but also enjoy the subject. 



Student Story

Aatika studies in grade 1 in Shama School.

She likes to study in a group and loves to complete her Math questions in her group. 

Aatika often feels disinterested and starts moving around. But her teammates help her get back her concentration.


Math remedial.jpeg

Organizational Story

This month the Samait Shala team has made a new start with the introduction of Remedial Kits for our classrooms. We have been in the process of making Grade wise NCERT Learning Outcome-based whole class remedial activities. You can see how things being played out in of our school. More updates about it in the coming month. Our aim is to make Grade wise kits for Class 2 -5 for both English and Math.


The benefit is that the children can revisit the content taught in the class at their own pace to master the learning. Primarily, it is also to support the initial stages of learning for children who have difficulty coping up in the classroom in a large.

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