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Amrin Mam

Teacher Story

No class will go boring as Amrin mam plans all her Math activities in such a way that would make you want to become a student again.

As a grade 4 and 8 Math teacher, Republic Primary School, Amrin mam sees to it that all her classes are planned well in advance. When you enter her class you will clearly see she has researched for her class on all aspects which would give her maximum student engagement.

Her students are always hungry for more in her class and during activities, one can clearly see that they just can't get enough of the number of questions they have to solve. This usually keeps Amrin Mam on her toes as she have to keep buffer questions in her daily plans to give to the higher order students.

She believes no one can just be a teacher, when you teach you learn more and push yourself to be better than you are at present.


Student Story

He might be one of the many faces in school, but Jibraan is the only child of his parents. He wants to become a pilot when he grows up but also wants to follow his father's dream of becoming a cricketer. His love for numbers brings him to school every day.

He is a passionate boy who follows the values of sharing and equality. He feels that education is an important part of growing up and should be given to all. He idolizes his teacher who has taught him to never give up on hard work


Faiza Baji

Teacher Story

"The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery"

When you see students opening Math books under desks during other subjects, its safe to assume that the class is being taught by Faiza Baji.

Faiza Baji teaches Mathematics in grade1 in Shama School and the above description is a reflection of how much the tiny tots have fallen in love with the subject.

Her class is full of energy, group work and individual practice time that enables all kinds of learners to learn and explore. The joy in the classroom, her innovative teaching strategies and connection of the subject to real life makes the lesson all the more amazing. 

Behind her perfect execution, is her in-depth planning and the never-ending zeal to improve and grow.


Student Story

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

Dr. Seuss

Masooma is an example who has followed the above quote. She has struggled, worked, tried and learned. The only thing she hasn't done is giving up on something. 


She is a grade 6 student and loves to participate in class discussions, especially during the English class. She is excited to learn and grow and make her parents proud.

Samait Shala feels honored to be recently incubated by Edumentum, Bangalore and
Read Alliance, New Delhi. 

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