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Shrishti Pandey, Volunteer

Working with Samait Shala has been one of the most learning experiences during my fellowship journey. I came across certain aspects of education which I had never given thoughts to. 

Rohan Hundia, Volunteer

During my time at Samait Shala, I was personally working with 5 kids to work on their comprehension and reading skills. It was during the first few weeks I realized, that these kids at a drive to learn but simply needed someone to make them sit and guide them. It was then I realized that a teacher’s job is not to force a child to learn things, but simply sit by them as they try to learn by themselves.

School Teacher

After attending all 9-day session I am very excited to go to school on and teach my students in a different way. Being a facilitator to my students rather than being a teacher. 

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Samait Shala is committed to make every space inclusive for a child irrespective of their abilities.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

+91 9879409964

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