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Curriculum and Training Associate 




As Curriculum and Training Associate, you will be assisting in planning the classroom content (as per national and state level standards) and also, design training for teachers. You will be assisting the program team, in their strategy and approach in the schools. You will be planning strategy and setting accountability to drive learning outcomes. You will be working with cross-functional expertise across verticals and setting them accountable for effective implementation. You will be based in Ahmedabad. 



1. Establishing goals, systems and plans

   - Build the capacity of the program team (including volunteers) in using         a wide range of data (qualitative and quantitative) to analyze progress         to goals, evaluate and increase effectiveness

   - Setting up appropriate assessment system to identify and test the                understanding for children with high learning needs

   - Analyze and respond accurately to group wide data sets and evidence       to understand underlying causes

   - Collaborating with other educators in the network to understand                 curriculum designing and its best practices.

   - Research best curriculum practices and contextualize them for our               partner schools


2. Developing Curriculum and teacher development Focus 

   - Understand and innovating our strategic Inclusive Curriculum plans             based on National and State level Standards

   - To ensure the curriculum made is Inclusive in all aspects

   - To ensure that lesson/unit plans are set with clear guidelines for                    teachers to follow

   - To develop high quality assessments with strong focus on Formative            and Summative Assessment with an aim to move towards Curriculum          Based assessments

   - Model effective instruction by co teaching or by teaching a lesson in a         class, if needed

   - Design 100 hours of training for teachers for the academic year 

   - Work closely with the Program team to understand the needs and                struggles of teachers

   - Create a monitoring and evaluation framework for evaluating                        the effectiveness

   - Document all plans and actions 


3. Team Culture and Collaboration

   - Collaborate with existing city support to advance the impact

   - Contribute towards building a stronger work culture

   - Believe in “One for all and all for one” 
3. Other responsibilities

   - Work with cross-functional teams like curriculum, communications,                and development in Samait Shala to ensure smooth operations and            increase efficiency. 





You will learn a lot in this role, however, some of the knowledge and skills you will already have are:

   - Strong holdover Pedagogy – You have applied best practices in your           classroom/organization for effective execution and reaching out to the       needs of all the children  

   - Teamwork – because it makes the dream work

   - Growth Mindset and integrity – You are willing to learn, adapt

     and adapt as per the needs of the schools. You are doing

     the right thing even when no one is looking.

   - Working with technology – While technology can never replace a                 teacher, but having a belief that technology can help streamline things       further, thereby making a better impact

   - Relationship building – Strong belief that our work requires us to have         meaningful relations with all our stakeholders – our children being in           the center  

   - Effective Communication – Be transparent about anything and                     everything in the organization and share with a good intent 




   - Educational Background at par with Bachelors in Education,                         Psychology, Human resource or equivalent (preferred but not necessary)

   - Prior experience in teaching (Pre-primary/primary/secondary) for at             least 2 years in a school, preferably in a low-income community with a         strong track record of building academics

   - Prior experience working with teachers will be an advantage

   - Knowledge of NCERT English and Math learning outcome is required

   - Female Candidate Preferred




a) To be placed under probation for the initial 90 days.  

b) Minimum commitment of 12 months required.

c) The role requires you to be available by April or May 2019. 

INR 27500 under probation period. INR 32000 to 35000 on confirmation (based on experience)

Interested applicants, please send your Resume with two references with a Cover Letter outlining in detail how you exactly fit in this role to Kushal Dattani on with a subject line “Application- Program Associate”. If you have any queries, please do get in touch with me on 9879409964

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