With the vision to create an inclusive learning environment for every child we envisage collaborating and supporting affordable private and government schools to address the high learning gaps in the classroom there by catering to children with high learning needs.


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Shrishti Pandey, Volunteer

Working with Samait Shala has been one of the most learning experiences during my fellowship journey. I came across certain aspects of education which I had never given thoughts to. 

Rohan Hundia, Volunteer

During my time at Samait Shala, I was personally working with 5 kids to work on their comprehension and reading skills. It was during the first few weeks I realized, that these kids at a drive to learn but simply needed someone to make them sit and guide them. It was then I realized that a teacher’s job is not to force a child to learn things, but simply sit by them as they try to learn by themselves.

School Teacher

After attending all 9-day session I am very excited to go to school on and teach my students in a different way. Being a facilitator to my students rather than being a teacher. 



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Samait Shala is committed to make every space inclusive for a child irrespective of their abilities.

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